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Indiegogo: Special Announcement – Live from Le Web 2012 Paris


Indiegogo Expands Internationally With New Capabilities in Canada
Checking in with Indiegogo co-founder Danae Ringlemann.


Indiegogo, the world’s largest global crowdfunding platform, announces new offerings in key global markets today– including local currencies, languages and localized search and discovery experiences. These new capabilities launch immediately in Canada, France, UK, and Germany as part of Indiegogo’s continued focus on improving the customer experience and providing relevant local market content for campaign owners and funders.

The initial release of Indiegogo’s international features includes:

  • Currency: transactions are now available in Canadian Dollars. Pricing, fees and payment modes remain the same.
  • Language: since our population is so diverse, the Indiegogo platform will be also available in French late December. The user will be able to easily toggle to the other language and launch campaigns in both French and English (German will also be added to the German platform).
  • Localization: Indiegogo will be offering localized versions of the homepage and search and discovery experiences for Canadians in early 2013, to highlight local campaigns. The platform will provide a “cultural” feel and an extra layer of filtering thus creating more proximity with the crowd.

IDanae Ringelmann headshot spoke to Danae Ringlemann, co-founder of Indiegogo about what this launch meant for Canadians. “Canada is our second largest market after the US, with campaigns from filmmakers small business, entertainment etc. right from the start. We want to offer them a seamless and easier customer experience,“ said Danae . “Most people are more comfortable transacting in their own preferred currency.”

And there’s more…Danae makes it a point to adapt Indiegogo to changing needs. She is in the front seat and sees society change at a rapid pace. “Crowdfunding is becoming more vertical.  Take health for instance. It has changed like never before. Indiegogo campaigns on disease research or a much-needed surgery are on the rise. Even in vitro fertilization is being crowdfunded.” Sports has also evolved. “Now, we find people funding a field trip, club membership, or high-level training.”

Does Indiegogo have plans to offer equity crowdfunding? “We are very supportive of it [Invest Crowdfunding]. We have not decided yet but we’re giving it some thought. Having built a strong customer base and proving social fundraising works, the U.S. government came to us and partnered with us for Startup America. I was invited last week by the European Commission at Brussels to showcase what we’ve done and how our platform prevents fraud. We are in support of putting regulations in place without making it too cumbersome but first we need to know how it all plays out”, concluded Danae.

Danae_BigOmahaIt will be interesting to see in the coming months how Indiegogo will cater to Quebec and other provinces, how the platform will be adapted in terms of design or tagline. Local Team. As they will be launching a subsidiary in the UK first half of 2013, could we expect a local presence in Canada with a dedicated team for support and communications? Competition. Also, how local crowdfunding providers measure up to Indiegogo is something we’ll be looking at closely. Equity Crowdfunding. Lastly, 2013 may be the year for “equity crowdfunding” in Canada. It will be interesting to see if Indiegogo will integrate this service sooner than anticipated.

In short, it was great to get an update from Indiegogo about their international expansion as they announce this news today in Paris at LeWeb. It was also great to get Danae’s final words on what it takes to succeed at crowdfunding: “Our advice  is that you don’t have to be someone else, just be authentic with your campaign. Indiegogo gives you the traction you need and the buzz that VCs are looking for. Just be yourself. People fund people.”


2 thoughts on “Indiegogo: Special Announcement – Live from Le Web 2012 Paris

  1. are please to see Indiegogo coming in Canada. We don’t see them as a threat but an ally to promote and expand crowdfunding vision up here. It will also make sure that each one of us work hard to be more creative in what we offer :)

    • Eric, I couldn’t agree more. I believe all platforms will learn from each other, in a collaborative way. It will also be a great opportunity for differentiation…Quebec providers like yourself will surely bring to the table an in-depth knowledge of the more local users and campaigners. Wishing you great success.

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