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Women Entrepreneurs: For That Reason, I’m Out

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Forbes published yesterday an accurate account of women’s actual status in the investment arena. Poor metrics to say the least, according to the US Department of Commerce survey.

Fact #1: Men fund men, women fund women. 88% of angels are men, so a big chunk of the pie goes to the male gendre. In this day and age, it’s hard to believe that this is still the norm.

Fact #2: For that reason, I’m out. No, seriously. It’s for that reason that women have more difficulty getting financing outside of their close circle. Unless you have a rich uncle who enjoys betting on the next best thing, love money doesn’t get you far.

With the advent of equity crowdfunding across Canada, we may just see a reversal of fortune. The market is ready. Donation-based Indiegogo already boasts 45% of female campaigners. Why should it be any different in the equity part of things?

Full article “Why Crowdfunding is a Game-Change for Women Entrepreneurs”




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