Invest Crowdfund Québec

Pour l'adoption d'Invest Crowdfunding au Québec | For the adoption of Invest Crowdfunding in Quebec

Quebec Organizations Support Equity Crowdfunding

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Invest Crowdfund Québec (ICC-Q) has just released its position paper (in French, for the time being) following the Quebec Securities Commission’s (AMF) call to comment.

At the eve of our meeting with the AMF, 8 organizations and associations showed their support to Equity Crowdfunding by co-signing out position paper.

These organizations are: The Quebec Association of IT Freelancers (AQIII), Alliance numérique, the Centre facilitating research and innovation in organizations (CEFRIO), Medical Device Canada (MEDEC), Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM), Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), TechnoMontréal et La Voix des Entreprises en Technologie de l’Information de Québec (VETIQ).


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